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A new beginning…

A new start a new blog!

My first review, how exciting! 🙂

Okay technically this album is quite a few years old, however this album is what introduced me to Indian classical music and hence writing a review on it is definitely befitting. During my final year at University this album was constantly playing in the background and just could not get enough of it.

Soul Food – as the name describes is definitely music for the soul. Pandit Jasraj takes the listeners on a journey initially through the medium of raga Maru Behag beautifully renditioned ending with a bhajan of ‘Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya’ in raga bhimapalasi.

A must listen album for all ardent followers


Track 1 – Maru Behag (alap) : 7.33
Track 2 – Maru Behag (rupok) : 29.52
Track 3 – Maru Behag : 12.35
Track 4 – Bhajan ‘om namo bhagawate vasu devaya’: 26.23
Total album length 1:16:22

Purchase: Sense World Music

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