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Niladri Kumar & Talvin Singh 29th April – Live

Wow! What a concert definitely something I’ll be remembering for a long time. Although from a purist point of view not a classical concert perse but the foundational principles were more than present and a pleasure to listen to.

With Niladri on the Sitar and Talvin on the Tabla, the talismatic artists oozed a sense of youthful vibrancy with seamless transition from one composition to another. The experienced Talvin provided a solid backbone for experimental Niladri to go forth and rapture the audience with his hypnotic melodies.

Although the concert primarily was to promote their new album ‘Together’, there were at times solo performances both equally as breathtaking, each showing brilliance, boldness and flare in cementing their places in this semi-fusion-classical genre of music

The first half mainly was concerned with classical pieces both boasting their foundational stature and loyalty to the tradition whereas the second half was largely fusionistic, performing tracks from their album. The conclusive section culminated in a rapturous hypnotic aggressive sound taking every listener into a treasure of wonderful music and in-between both teasing the audience with a competitive battle amongst each other, a delight to behold. I would like to pay note to the first track of the album which they performed, a sublime record inspiring a deep wonder which provided a majestic emotional tone to the audience, a pleasure to listen to, truly inspiring.

Overall a truly memorable concert with both being credible modern ambassadors in promoting Hindustani classical music. It may be a bold statement but it seems a new dawn for music……

My song picks from ‘Together’ album
Track 2: Pink
Track 3: Mirror
Track 9: Threads

Courtesy of NadaBrahmaUK

Together Album Promo

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